Welcome to our online home. We’ve been into building Windows and Mac personal computers, bulletin board systems, application packages for personal and business, as well as websites since the early 90’s.

Since 2017, I have been providing online and remote access for family, friends and associates on a consulting and developer basis. This has included a variety of desktop and online applications and websites.

We setup Mac 🖥 Servers in 2017 at both our homes in Tucson and the Adirondacks, which allowed us to continue with all of our business and personal endeavors.  Our Servers also provide remote access for us as well as our family, friends and associates.

Now being retired for several years, our HomeBASE is truly our home.

HomeBASE has been our general name of products and services.

As of January 1st, we’re discontinuing all of our existing business and personal websites as they expire. Our goal is to setup a simple open and free website using WordPress site for personal and business.  This site is a sample WordPress site, which was imported from our main Weebly site, http://delorenzotimes.org

The website is now used to showcase our personal exploits and adventures for memories sake 💑🐶☕️♥️ Hopefully, you too will enjoy our treasured memories, including our family and life’s journey.

Also, as a long-term Google user, I extensively use Google to house my photos, videos, music library, recipes, email, etc. All of which are FREE services. This allows me to backup and store all of my interests.

Now, my focus will be on “Seeing 2020“.  This will provide a retrospective and introspective view of life now that we are approaching 75. Click on the link to see more as time goes by.