Seeing 2020

Be Doing Our Holiday Update

Sister Eve and Fall arrived, see some of our early fun

Happy holidays, checkout our family photos

Watch for PHOTO updates, with Thanksgiving and Christmas now on the horizon

See some of our other photo slideshows for October too

October, We Begin Our 20th Year in Tucson


Looking Back on Many Wonderful Years

We relocated to Tucson from Manhattan on October 1, 1999. And, we begin our 20th year on October 1st.Like many others are often heard to say .. “Where did the time go?”  Well, time  passes when you’re having fun.

All of it has been an adventure, but in many ways the last few years have been especially interesting. Come Thanksgiving, we’ll have moved into our home 7 years! Come August, we’ll have bought our home in the Adirondacks 4 years! And, perhaps the most interesting, come November we also begin our 20th year of our Timeshare in Scottsdale.


Our daily routine at home .. lots of food and fun in the sun! Still enjoying memories of Summer


The Best of Times

Memories of Fall


Tucson Meet Yourself Event

PictureUniversity of Arizona Visit

Sister Eve is enjoying her visit with us. Check out my photo album for some fun sights. I’ll be adding lots more photos to our photo album. And, you can view my photo parade of our fun in the sun.


Our Italian Sunday


Making more than memories
We thank God for our Family, home and many blessings. On our last weekend with Eve, we enjoyed our long time tradition .. and Eve made the meatballs!


Fun for kids of all ages
As we reach the end of October, I created a photo parade of our current times. This includes some photos of our home and gardens. Weather’s great, as usual .. reaching the low 90’s.

I’ve been working on our website for years to include lots of photos and videos with family and friends. As many know, the past 2 years have especially been busy showing our life and times in both homes, Tucson and Schroon River as well as our vacations and Road Trips.Sister Eve will be visiting in October and I’ll be adding memories of our exploits and adventures together. It’s always fun to catch up and enjoy time together.

November is Thanksgiving, which we’ll be celebrating at home and then our Get Away in Scottsdale for a week.

December is a very special month while will include our Wedding Anniversary, and another holiday vacation in Scottsdale.  We’re excited to be seeing it all again for the Christmas Holiday.

Since our life will continue as it has, I’ll be ending my frequent monthly updates and doing only Status Updates. in 2019, i.e., holidays, celebrations, etc.  I will continue to post our photos/videos on YouTube but also with less frequency.

I have also been developing a special FaceBook page to include “Memories of This Day“, which allows me to see recent highlights during the year in chronological order. I’ve especially enjoyed seeing some of our fun times over the past 2 years. Since we returned in December, this page too will be ending. Our website contains lots of monthly updates for both years.

Thanks for viewing.


Making More Memories, as long as we can

September Song

We’ve been back from our adventures in the Adirondacks and home now since December (9 months) enjoying our Endless Summer.  Life will slow down even more until the holidays, but we enjoy it all.

Come October 1st, we will have relocated from NYC to Tucson 19 years!

Time marches on.  Be adding lots more memories to our website during September.

The Days Grow Short When You Reach September, but the Nights get better too

Memories of Our Harvest Moon & Fall Fun Ahead

Highlights of September


The Little Family .. first to arrive for our festivities

Action warms us for the US Open

Joy to the World
September brings cooler weather and lots more fun in the sun. We’re having a Labor Day Weekend with Family and Friends. I’ll be adding lots more memories and music over our Holiday Weekend.

Party Time

We celebrate Family

Labor Day


Enjoying time with friends

Our holiday weekend was very enjoyable, but the highlight was our Labor Day BBQ and Pool Party.

Our guests this year were Aaron and Kristina and Da Girls. Weather, food and fun filled our afternoon and evening.  We’re hoping to do lots more of it all. Non-stop eating, swimming and chatting made it all go quickly.

Frankly, although our home time is very much the same as we enjoyed today, it just won’t be the same .. looking forward to lots more time together.

Party of 2, Home Alone


Lucky and I will be home alone

Da Family will be heading back East for some fun family times. Mr Lucky and I will have to make do .. so, it’s time to cook and enjoy some cool evenings out.

We’ll be missing our little family but making some favorite foods and enjoying our bachelor life.

I’ll be adding more memories while we enjoy some fun at home.

Bernard and Shine’s Wedding

Paulina, John and Anh headed East especially to attend the Wedding.

​Checkout some fun photos or Click on my Album “Missing Family” to view em all.


Shine and Bernard’s Wedding

Catching Up With Family and Friends


That Old Gang of Mine